This site has been created for the purpose of helping us all share our experiences of the transition to retirement.   We welco

Being retired is wonderful. I have the freedom to choose how to spend my days. That flexibility allows me to focus on family, friends and activities that are truly important to me. It also gave me the opportunity to live in a place that was more suitable to my soul.

I retired due to circumstance versus choice. This is very common in our society. It’s also a very traumatic experience after working successfully for 40 plus years. The change from working to retired is one of the most difficult transitions that I have ever made. The good news is that the story ends well and I am living it.

The key to being happily retired is looking forward. Carrying our lessons from the past is important but reliving the events can eat you up. If you embrace the opportunity it will end well for you.

I’ve shared some of my key steps in the transition and some new lessons. With time to think, there is a new clarity in the world around me. I hope these thoughts will help you be happily retired as well.  site that that I have reviewed have an agenda that fits their business model.  The site is designed to sell you a product or service and all the information that the site provides is designed to promote what they are selling .

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