Having fun at every stage in our lives is important.  We need to focus our attention on things that make us feel happy and excited. Whether it’s our job, our education, our family activities or our extracurricular activities. If we don’t do things that we find enjoyable and interesting, then it’s hard to put our best effort into it. Retirement is a time for us to explore new opportunities to find those fun and exciting new activities and renew old passions.

I know this picture would lead one to believe that I have taken up alligator wrestling as a new retirement activity. It’s really a casting of an alligator that we found at the Mote Aquarium. Being new to Sarasota, we have done a lot of exploring so that we really get to know the area well. The area is rich in opportunities for studying nature both in venues like the Mote and in the many natural parks that are prevalent in the county. I’ve dabbled in kayaking and have a renewed interest in fishing as a result of our activities. My wife and I have done a lot of hiking and found it a great way to explore and connect with each other.

One of my major concerns when I was thinking about retirement was how do I spend the time and not feel bored.   It’s really up to each of us to answer that question because we know what’s fun and exciting for us. The challenge is to put the effort into finding those things that don’t just fill our days, but reignite the zest for life. The world offers many opportunities for us to enjoy life and make a contribution to our friends and neighbors. We need to look inside ourselves to find those opportunities that will fill us with joy. For many of us our job filled the day and limited our ability to explore that aspect of ourselves. If we embrace the challenge it can lead to some of the best times of our lives. Don’t let fear of the unknown deprive you of the opportunity of a lifetime.