One of my biggest fears with the move to Florida was the summer. Many told us that you just stay indoors with the AC for most of the day. Some even said that the humidity was so high that water condensation would run down the walls of the house. None of that was close to the truth.

My wife and I do like it hot and don’t mind the humidity. Those hot and humid New England days were our favorites in Massachusetts. So we were surprised when the Florida summer gave us a constant string of the hottest of those days and nothing more. The temperature started in the 70’s and ended in the low to mid 90’s almost daily. The dew points were typically in the 70’s which is humid. But we still enjoyed the pool and I played tennis 3 times a week.

Playing tennis in the humidity was a bit of a challenge. I have always been one to perspire a lot, but the humidity here took it to a whole new level. Many times after a match, you could wring out every piece of clothing that I wore. As long as you drink a lot of water, it isn’t a problem.

Finding a refreshing place to swim took some getting used to. The water temperature everywhere was in the high 80’s to low 90’s. Early in the morning (I mean 10am which is early for us), the pool would be in the high 80’s rising to the low 90’s by late afternoon. The ocean was as warm a 91 degrees and stayed there for the better part of August. It would have been better if the water was a little cooler, but after a while we got used to it.

The biggest adjustment we made for the weather was the limiting of activities between 3 and 6 pm daily. That’s when the thunder showers would roll through. Florida is the lightning capital of the USA so we get a lot of thunder showers. They are scattered but a daily occurrence. It can be down pouring in the back yard and dry in the front. We spent many afternoons sitting in the pool listening to the thunder. We left when we saw lightning or it started raining. Of the 3 to 4 days a week we were in the pool we only got caught in a downpour twice.

Weather is a very personal topic and one person’s favorite day is another’s hell. If your favorite season is winter then a Florida summer will not be for you. However; if you like summer in New England and don’t mind those hot and humid days of August, then a Florida summer will be a pleasant surprise.