This site is not intended to be political, but I can’t stay silent any longer.  Please join me in shouting loud and clear.   President Trump, stop the assault on the basic virtues that form the basis for our country!

Open Letter to Donald Trump

Dear President Trump,

My family settled the cities of Lynn and Peabody in the 1600’s. Four of my ancestors are listed on the memorial plaque at Little Round Top in Gettysburg. Many more are interned in Arlington National Cemetery. I share none of their distinguished service, but their DNA is in my bones and their love of this country is in my heart.

You cannot run our government like your private business where, as the owner you rule via bullying, childish tantrums and name calling.   Too many have sacrificed too much to have you treat the job with such disrespect.

Your most egregious affront on the basic principles of our country is your position on immigration and undocumented individuals. Our country is built on a policy of welcoming those dreamers from foreign shores. The Statue of Liberty in New York harbor serves as a constant reminder that we stand apart from the rest of the world in our embrace of those freedom seekers from across the globe. Throughout our history these new members of our society have been both a source of tension in the competition for resources and the basis for growth and prosperity for us all. Fanning the flames of hatred toward those looking for freedom will stall the growth that we desire and cut the heart from the American spirit.

I trust in our system enough to believe that it will survive your assault. Is that how you want to be remembered?


Stephen Ingalls CPA (Ret.)