I have spent the last three years planning for my retirement.  Two of those three years were while working, the last was my first year of retirement because I finished working before completing the plan.  From my working life perspective, retirement was one of those things that brought me closer to death and was easier to ignore.

In reality, retirement has brought me a much more fulfilling life.  Don’t get me wrong, being 62 and out of work was a scary prospect.  The last year has been jam packed with new learnings and sorting through a jumble of emotions.  My goal with this blog is to share my experiences and offer others an opportunity to share theirs.  Sharing our troubles is not about complaining, but about providing a window into our lives that may help others struggling with the same experience.

I spent much of my career as a CFO and senior finance manager, so some of my sharing will address the financial aspects of my retirement plan.  More of the articles will be directed at the emotional aspects of the transition and the void that retirement creates.  My best friend and wife, Mary, was a great source of guidance and support through the journey and I will be sharing some of that with you as well.

This web site is being created from our new home in Sarasota Florida.  The biggest lesson is that retirement like the rest of life is a journey, not a destination.  We have a map and some destinations identified, but have come to realize that part of the freedom of retirement is the flexibility that it provides.

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